The Story of Koos


Compiled by Lidy Bügel

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This is ‘The Story of Koos’ Oeberius Kapteijn’, born March 1926, passed away March 2006. Not because he was so special, no, rather because he was like ‘all of us’. Searching, stumbling, meeting obstacles, creating obstacles, now and then completely lost and next thinking he had found ‘it’. Aren’t our lives often like that?
Why, then, write it down?
It was his wish, first of all. He wanted to offer his life story to others, as an example, hoping that it might help them to discover certain issues in their own life.
And, secondly, from a Buddhist perspective Koos fulfilled his life. Fulfilled is a somewhat Christian word, but I can’t think of another word. It means that Koos stayed in meditation after his death for three days. This was and is a huge inspiration for me, as his wife, and many others who knew him one way or the other. ‘If Koos can do it” so can we. Above all he was so ordinary. He was not a recognised important reincarnation or send to a monastery as a child. You could have a real laugh with him, but also a great falling out. He had all the human imperfections we all possess.

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